There hasn’t been a real solution to the opioid crisis. Until now.

Using proprietary predictive analytics, along with your healthcare data, Opioid RX identifies patterns of opioid dependency within your network. We don’t identify individual employees. We identify physicians who are overprescribing opioids, working with them to adopt CDC best practices. Our process is simple and proven: Identify. Correct. Protect current and future plan members.

We’re the only people who can help you monitor and change physician behavior on an ongoing basis. Help mitigate your company’s exposure to risk. And help you get to the heart of the opioid problem faster.

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If you run a business, you’re already affected by opioids.

Nearly two million Americans became addicted in 2018. Some chemically dependent as soon as 72 hours after taking that first pill. And after 90 days, the time when opioid painkillers should be discontinued, 75% of people who are still on them, are doing so to manage the pain of withdrawal. Not the original pain.

For businesses, the opioid crisis is more than just an HR problem, it’s a financial one. It’s estimated that 4% or more of all members of a healthcare plan are abusing their pain prescriptions, which represents 15% of all healthcare costs. That’s money out of your bottom line.

Your Prescription Benefits Manager can’t fix this problem. The solution is math–in the form of our proprietary predictive analytics–not more medicine.

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Our goal is simple: Save money. Save lives. By identifying possible abuse and providers who may be overprescribing, we can show you the real costs of opioid dependency. Not just how to reduce healthcare spending, but how to protect everyone in your organization.

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