Opioid Clinical Management, Inc (“OPCM”) is a unique technology company that provides opioid prescription risk/case management for large self-insured employers through its Opioid Prescription (ORx) Suite© Unique software algorithms (ORx Risk Analyzer©) combined with artificial intelligence technology (ORx Risk Profiler©) allows OPCM to confidentially identify providers that are not adhering to best practice for a company’s employees and plan members that are non-compliant (abusive) to their opioid or narcotic prescription therapy.

Estimates are that 2%-4% of employees could be abusing their opioid or narcotic prescriptions, representing as much as 15%-20% of all health plan costs. Seventy four percent (74%) of these are estimated due to non-conformance to best practice guidelines by providers and prescribers. The challenge, until now, has been an inability to identify this specific group of non-conforming providers and non-compliant employees, with methods to intervene and the protocols to successfully resolve abuse. The OPCM program suite not only provides an employer the ability to effectively and safely reduce overall health plan cost 10%-15%; but also through employee awareness, communication and education, the OPCM program increases future compliance, greatly reducing the overall health plan costs.

There are almost 50,000,000 Americans covered by self-insured health plans where the employer is directly impacted by the opioid epidemic and can make the decision on cost effective methods to respond.

The national opioid epidemic and the existence of the OPCM program provides employers a truly socially responsible opportunity to improve the quality of life for their employees, improve workforce productivity and safety, while reducing direct health care delivery costs.

In the News

Des Moines Business Record wrote about OPCM and the “addiction-fighting” algorithm the company is providing clients. The cover story includes an interview with CEO and Founder Mike Vasquez about the development of the company’s services, which the Business Record called “…a solution that could make the difference in keeping workers healthy and safe.”

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